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9 Fascinating Statistics about Online Dating

Publié par Pascal le 22 août 2019

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9 Fascinating Statistics about Online Dating

The idea of people developing and nurturing relationships without ever meeting is nothing new in the realm of dating. Even before the Internet came, there were companies actively involved in matchmaking. As the Internet use rose, it paved the way for the digital communication era. And it wasn’t long before internet enthusiasts embraced the idea of online dating, revolutionized it and introduced a whole new way of going about it. Whether you are communicating with a romantic interest on a dating site or cultivating a relationship through other digital avenues like emails and dating apps, there is no doubt you’ve chosen the most ideal and perhaps the easiest and most effective route.


Moreover, you can rest assured that online dating is here to stay. Statistics indicate that more people are warming up to the idea than ever before. As a matter of fact, millions of people leave and join dating sites every day around the world. If you are among the lot that has chosen this revolutionary path of looking for love, here are a few intriguing statistics about online dating. Perhaps, they will give you a better understanding of the domain as you get started. Or maybe they’ll give you more insight as you advance in your endeavors.


41 million people in the US alone have tried online dating

Considering that statistics show about 50 million US residents are single, it is safe to say that most, if not all of the single people in the United States have tried online dating at one point or another. From this trend in the US, we can deduce that most singles from around the world consider online dating as one of the most effective ways of getting a romantic partner. Some have given it a try and failed while others have had luck on their side. Most of those who use online dating claim to have multiple accounts. This increases their chances of finding a (soul)mate.


Users spend an average of $200 on online dating

A lot of dating sites like Vidamora are basically free with an option to upgrade to a premium membership. This allows users to access additional features. Other sites require you to pay a mandatory subscription fee upon signing up. Out of the forty-one million Americans that have used online dating, a significant number has admitted having spent an average of 238 dollars. This is not much considering that most of us spend more than this for just one night of dating.



Men make up 52% of all online daters

For several reasons, men are less likely to be trusted than women when it comes to online dating. The image of men just looking to get a one night stand and not necessarily a long-term relationship can be hard to shake. However, with such a significant number of men, single ladies also have a reason to smile. They have a wide variety to choose from. This increases their ability to find someone who checks all the boxes for what they are looking for. For men, they have to look harder for women since there are simply fewer of them.


71% of online daters believe in love at first sight

This statistic has a lot to say about online daters. Perhaps, they are hardened and optimistic romantics who find it fit to wear their hearts on their sleeves and hope that “Mr. or Mrs. Right” is out there waiting for them. This can also be attributed to the fact that some online daters are looking for relationships with no strings attached. However, statistics don’t lie. Finding true love is the ultimate goal of any online dater. Even so, there is always some romance in the mix. Not convinced? maybe you should get into online dating yourself!


20% of all the committed relationships begin as online relationships

Surprised? Well, though some people dismiss online dating as very ineffective compared to regular dating, there are those who swear by it. According to statistics, online dating accounts for 20% of all committed relationships. Though most people believe that it is not possible to develop and grow a committed relationship with a person they met online, statistics indicate otherwise. Maybe, it’s time that you also got online to get a date for a committed relationship.


17% of all marriages begin from online dating

Whether dates start online or offline, the ultimate goal of many relationships is marriage. Most single people want to settle down, get married, and start raising a family. If you are looking for a life-long partner online, you can stay relaxed with the fact that 17 percent of marriages begin from online dating. Hopefully, yours will help raise this statistic in the future.


Women’s online desirability peaks at the age of 21

It is very common for girls to get more texts than men. This becomes very evident when these girls are just 21 years of age or younger. The number of contacts a woman gets increases around this age and later decreases steadily. Maybe we should blame the nature of men for wanting to chase young women. Science presumes this age to be when a woman is most fertile. This scientific reasoning might give a concise explanation for this statistic.


Young girls have the highest number of online pursuers

Even though most women’s desirability peaks at the age of 21, most of them will get active and serious pursuers at the age of 26. This can be explained by the fact that most men prefer career girls who are at the age of 26 and above. Such women seem to have a stable career. A lot of men are hesitant, or don’t have the means to support someone financially. Getting a job will most likely increase your desirability.


Older men have twice as many online pursuers as their younger counterparts

We live in a world which assumes that men are the pursuers. However, with the development of modern trends, older men have become more attractive than younger men. This perhaps can be attributed to the fact that older men are more emotionally and financially stable since they have lived for longer. Thus, they have more experience than younger men who are in their 20s and 30s.


You may have expected some of these statistics. Others may have come as a surprise. All in all, online dating is constantly changing. And changing fast. It keeps evolving along with society and the way people use it. It also influences societies. People nowadays date differently than they did fifty years ago. And the way people meet in the future will surely keep evolving. What trends do you see for the future? And which of these statistics did you find most surprising?

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