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10 tips when meeting your online date for the first time

Publié par Pascal le 16 juillet 2019

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10 tips when meeting your online date for the first time
So, you are finally meeting that special person you met online in real life? Congratulations! Making the transition from a computer screen into the real world is a very courageous move. Indeed, it takes an exceptional and bold person to take the relationship a notch higher, considering that everything so far has been virtual. The whole experience can exude an aura of excitement and conjure a strong dose of longing. On the other hand, it can be unnerving and nerve-racking. I mean, going on a first date with a person you’ve never met is always a blend of excitement and creepiness. It feels more like buckling yourself on a roller coaster hoping that everything will go as planned, but deep within, you are too well aware that it can get into a tailspin without warning. You are looking forward to the date, but at the same time, you are nervous about how it will turn out. Well, that’s normal. However, you can take charge of the situation to ensure a successful and fruitful first date. To do that, here are a few tips to get you started on the right note. 

1. Don’t expect too much

Sometimes, you might have the urge to imagine and envisage a perfect picture of the date you met online. Please don’t! You will end up being disappointed if they don’t meet your expectations. I mean, this is your first meeting, and there will be a lot more to discover and learn about each other. Therefore, steer clear from assuming how the other person looks or acts based on your expectations or imaginations. In other words, set aside personal assumptions and judgments since this will blind you from discovering what the person really is. 

2. Choose the venue but consult your date

Getting to choose the venue of your first meeting will benefit you since you will have the freedom to select a place, you are comfortable with. This can be your favorite café, restaurant, or even a museum. By so doing, you will be setting the right environment and setting since you are familiar with the location. Even so, consult with your date and ensure that they are comfortable with your choice. 

3. Dress stylishly but comfortably

It goes without saying that you need to look good and fashionable. Therefore, select a stylish attire because the way you will be looking will affect how your date perceives and sees you. And I don’t mean that you should change your style of dressing for them. Any attire that is comfortable and you feel confident in will cut it. After all, it makes no sense to compromise your comfort to impress your date. It could end up backfiring and jeopardizing the entire date.  

4. Let someone know that you are meeting your date

Safety is paramount. Even if you trust your date, make sure a friend or family member is aware of the date and where you will be meeting in case something goes wrong. The thing is that you’ve never met this person, so it is best to be extra cautious and careful. And this doesn’t imply that you don’t trust your date. It is a standard and obvious precautionary measure every person needs to observe whenever they are meeting a stranger. 

5. Keep time 

As much as this might sound obvious, being late will create a bad first impression on your date. Tardiness can easily be misinterpreted for being irresponsible. Therefore, if you have planned to meet a 4 o’clock, be there on time and not too early. Your date might think that you are desperate. 

6. Respect your differences

Every person is unique, and this makes each one of us different in many ways. If you find your date to be different from you or your expectations, respect that because it is part of being human. If you don’t understand and adjust to them, the differences can potentially ruin your first meeting.

7. Have fun

The reason anyone goes on a date is to have fun. Therefore, don’t get too preoccupied with other things and forget to unleash your funny self. And if you are feeling anxious or nervous, do all you can to remain calm. After all, this is the special moment you have been longing and since he/she is right in front you, enjoy it.

8. Be yourself

It is natural for human beings to impress others by telling them what they want to hear. Though this might for the moment, it will create future problems if you decide to get into a relationship. The golden rule is to act how normally act. And even if the date doesn’t like the way you laugh or smile, everything will fall into place with time. And if it doesn’t, perhaps you were not meant to be together. 

9. Be mindful of your topics

It is good to talk about all of you know but be mindful of the topics you raise. If you sense or know that your date is not interested in issues such as politics, religion, business or family matters, desist from talking about it. And if you mistakenly speak about something they don’t like, apologize to them. 

10. Give them your undivided attention

Many people nowadays do not pay attention to social gatherings since they are constantly replying messages on their phones or browsing the net. Don’t let this ruin your first meeting. When you meet, give them your full attention, and this includes listening to the stories, asking them questions, and also giving them your own stories. In simple terms, show interest in whatever they are talking about regardless of how boring it is. You specifically went on this date to meet with them so offer your undivided attention. 

Bottom line 

Taking the risk of meeting a person, you’ve only communicated online can be exciting and exhilarating but don’t forget to ensure that you are ready to meet them. Before the meeting, ask yourself if it is the best time to see each other and if not sure, evaluate different ways and means to get to know them better. When ready, prepare yourself physically and emotionally. At first, you might feel anxious but remember there is a fun part of it. Good Luck!

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