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7 Online Dating Myths You Should Stop Believing

Publié par Pascal le 20 septembre 2019

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7 Online Dating Myths You Should Stop Believing

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding online dating. Here are 7 myths surrounding online dating that you need to stop believing right now.


Everyone Lies on Their Profile

Online dating has significantly changed the way people interact romantically. Online dating provides people with a chance to exaggerate their qualities a bit. Only here, they can feel more emboldened. For example, some people won't think too much about using an older photo on their online dating profile. One that maybe dates back from when they were younger and in a better shape. However, this might be seen as lying and a subtle form of deception by some.

And while all of that is true, most people overlook the fact that humans tend to do the same thing in the real world. When it comes to things like our height, age, or weight, we tend to be partially honest, often leaving out certain details to appear cooler.

In fact, people are more likely to lie in a dating setting (regardless of whether they are online or not) than they are in a social environment. So, the idea that more people you meet on dating sites are lying is largely a myth. Most people, you'll find, are genuinely serious about getting involved in a relationship and have no need to lie on their dating profiles.


All Online Dating Sites Are Scams

A lot of people tend to avoid dating online because they believe that all online dating sites are a scam. They stay away from online dating apps or online dating platforms for fear of being conned. They believe that all guys and gals on dating sites are there to rob them of their personal possessions by luring them in.

And while there's nothing wrong with being cautious, this idea that all online dating platforms are basically fraudulent is entirely wrong.  Sure, no online dating platform or app guarantees that you won't get conned. But they are created by people with the purest intentions. Online dating sites are built to help people find love and connect with others like them.


Online Dating Is Reserved for The Desperate

Most people are unsure of what to expect from online dating - especially if it's the first time they're experiencing it. And while attitudes have shifted over the years, initially, people were extremely skeptical. In fact, some people still believe that online dating is reserved for the desperate alone. And anyone who uses these online dating platforms is quickly judged for it.

The truth? It's just another myth. Most people have found long-lasting relationships and met their significant other via online dating platforms. You probably have someone in your extended family who met their soulmate online. The point is - people are now becoming more receptive to the idea of online dating. Thinking that this is somehow an endeavor reserved for the desperate alone is absurd.


Men Aren't Interested in Older Women

This is another big one. It is one of those myths that probably exists outside the realm of online dating as well. This myth emerges from a generally held belief that older women are more likely to date men of their own age and older men are more likely to go for younger women. Therefore, people usually assume that older women are bound to be disappointed in  the world of online dating and romance.

The truth about online dating is that most people tend to look for partners that are close to their own age group. And while it's true that older men tend to be attracted to women in their early 20s, a significant amount of data suggests that they tend to go for women who are mature and closer to their own age group. Therefore, it's safe to assume that “men aren't interested in older women” is a myth.


The Photo Is Everything

Another big myth within the world of online dating is that the photo is somehow everything when it comes to making your online dating experience a success. In fact, some online dating tips for success tend to foolishly emphasize that an attractive photo is the only thing you need to focus on to get positive results.

A great profile picture can certainly attract people's attention more easily, but your conversational skills are what makes the real difference. Online dating is all about embracing the opportunity to get to know someone without being distracted by how attractive they are. And this is where your conversational abilities tend to outweigh the quality of your profile photo.

A great profile photo is worth little when you realize that you and your potential partner have nothing to talk about. Having common interests, sharing things you are passionate about and exchanging ideas and your outlook on life are a few of the factors that play a far greater role when it comes to developing a close bond with your significant other.


You Are too Old to Use Online Dating Sites Successfully

Online dating is an experience that is open to people of all ages. And the idea that you are too old to use an online dating platform successfully is false and an absolute myth. In fact, in recent years, there has been a significant rise in the usage of online dating platforms by people over 50. Don't let your age stop you from having fun and meeting someone interesting.


All Online Dating Relationships Are Doomed To End

According to a 2013 research paper, attitudes towards online dating have become positive over the years. With more and more people using online dating platforms as a means to find their partners, the ratio of successful relationships has improved significantly with as many as 66% of people going on a date with a partner via an online dating app or website and 25% committing to a life-long relationship with their significant other after meeting them online. And the numbers are only expected to improve in the coming years.


As you test the waters and dive into the vast exciting world of online dating, be sure to set all of these myths and pre-conceived notions aside and move forward with a positive mindset to have the best experience.

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