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CelibatairesDuWeb est un site de rencontre gratuit. Envoyer des messages et rencontrer des hommes célibataires d' Australie. Faites de merveilleuses rencontres gratuites dans le pays d' Australie avec des hommes, et ce sans jamais payer... tout est gratuit. est le leader dans les rencontres sérieuses francophones. N’attendez plus et venez vous inscrire dès maintenant pour contacter des hommes d' Australie et recevoir des réponses à vos messages. Venez constater par vous-même la gratuité du site. Je veux m’inscrire.

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CelibatairesDuWeb est 100% gratuit ! Non seulement l'inscription est gratuite, mais tout le site est gratuit à 100%. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant et faites des rencontres gratuites.

Rencontre Matt89, homme de 32 ans

Matt89, 32 ans


Will come back to this

Rencontre NeilMaharaj, homme de 39 ans

NeilMaharaj, 39 ans

Thành phố Nam Định

I live in Fiji and frequently travel to Australia for business or pleasure. I am 39 years old and looking for a partner or long-term relationship. I have a good job as a claims administrator handling general insurance claims, and once I arrive in Australia, I hope to be transferred to an insur...

Rencontre Borgman005, homme de 58 ans

Borgman005, 58 ans


I'm A serious minded person out here to see what the universe has for me . I'm Family oriented, passionate and romantic .

Rencontre Pewee, homme de 67 ans

Pewee, 67 ans

Thành phố Nam Định

I'm looking for a serious relationship with a loving hot beauty I have been hurt and used for money and taken for granted and betrayed and fooled and lied to and ignored and don't want to be hurt no more

Rencontre Bill2160, homme de 58 ans

Bill2160, 58 ans


Hi I'm 58 with three grown children and three grandchildren Live alone and been single for a few years looking to share my loneliness with someone I'm honest and easygoing and hoping to meet my soulmate

Rencontre Danealways, homme de 67 ans

Danealways, 67 ans

Airlie Beach

Hello people am here to meet some one very cool kind hearted person, down to the earth caring and loveble ,! i work in the company where i can take good care of my partner ,and i make some good income but there is no love with out shear your wealth with some you love !

Rencontre Catman69, homme de 58 ans

Catman69, 58 ans

Thành phố Ninh Bình

I'm fit, active and very outgoing, ln caring, kind and very altruistic.l love helping others and doing voluntary work. I love learning, my passion is trying to gain Wisdom in regards to everything. I love the company of women. I'm told that I'm very handsome and extremely young looking. I'm a lit...

Rencontre Maxwell001, homme de 55 ans

Maxwell001, 55 ans


Humble man with good passion

Rencontre 1632, homme de 61 ans

1632, 61 ans


I am single and never married before. I hope to meet a right woman to start a new life together.

Rencontre BurwoodLove, homme de 46 ans

BurwoodLove, 46 ans

Thành phố Nam Định

A businessman seeking a lady for long term relationship

Rencontre GregKeegan, homme de 59 ans

GregKeegan, 59 ans


10 years single because im not a player and not wanting to start anything that hasn't got a future. Wanting a younger woman to start a family with. I've been a step dad in the past but never had my own kids and still want at least 1. I live on 25 acres in the bush, 20 mins from the nearest town ...

Rencontre Loenlywidower60, homme de 61 ans

Loenlywidower60, 61 ans


I like being totally up front and honest with a woman from the start.  I believe in being so honest because when two people are honest about who they are and what things they like and dislike then they can know if they are compatible in a very short period thus not wasting each others time if the...

Rencontre Mathew1, homme de 55 ans

Mathew1, 55 ans

East Melbourne

I'd love to meet someone with whom I could eventually develop a long-term relationship, but first and foremost, someone with whom I could date and have pleasure getting to know. Smiling comes easy to me; my 'default' condition is one of happiness and optimism; yet, I am not naive and will not ...

Rencontre Ritcher211R, homme de 50 ans

Ritcher211R, 50 ans


Hey there , I’m David Ritchie, I have always had an incredible passion for living life to the fullest. I am hopeless romantic and always strive to believe the good in everyone . I am honest and I’m looking for an equally positive partner and is a great and open communicator .I do love to try love...

Rencontre Karl0033, homme de 54 ans

Karl0033, 54 ans

South Brisbane

I am a loving and caring man all am looking for is true love my other half the woman we will both love and understand each other live together as one family and also have a happy home with relationship.

Rencontre Danilub57, homme de 56 ans

Danilub57, 56 ans


Loving and kind heart man looking for serious relationship..

Rencontre Oforsum, homme de 70 ans

Oforsum, 70 ans


I am a tall mature guy from down under, hoping to make contact with a nice honest and genuine lady who is seeking a relationship perhaps leading to marriage

Rencontre Grey5050, homme de 57 ans

Grey5050, 57 ans


Am just me and a sincere guy full of love and affections,,,I have a dog and I love so much,,,,I love to travel see places and spend time with my future woman to love and cherish,,,i am a family man simple to say...I have a son whom I love as well and lives in Utah,,,I travel a lots for job and lo...

Rencontre Quintrex, homme de 59 ans

Quintrex, 59 ans


Hi, I love the outdoors and Mother Nature. I enjoy day trips to new places, camping, boating anything to escape the crowds. Looking for a like minded person to share memories with.

Rencontre Entity1, homme de 61 ans

Entity1, 61 ans


Am a survivor I know how to take care of myself and the people around me. Once I find someone who is worthy of my time and my love they will be taken care of. For ever in the pursuit of perfection. I am willing to travel to see my loved one when this covid thing is under control

Rencontre Johnno669, homme de 55 ans

Johnno669, 55 ans

Lakes Entrance

Looking for love in the wrong places. And finding nothing. Very easy going. Find myself trying to hard to find someone to be with. Been married 3 times. Hope to find the right girl/lady this time. Its the final time trying

Rencontre Leomartin323, homme de 56 ans

Leomartin323, 56 ans


I am Single and looking to form a long term relationship with the right woman. I love life and I want to share it with someone special. I have many interests and hobbies that I would like to share with someone special. I like to say that I'm a warm and lovable happy person and have a good heart a...

Rencontre Johnno191, homme de 57 ans

Johnno191, 57 ans

Ascot Vale

I am a romantic gentleman who likes to travel, I enjoy eating out, going to live concerts and theatre. I like most sports. I am looking for a woman who likes to laugh as when I am not being romantic I am trying to make you smile.

Rencontre Mibo, homme de 58 ans

Mibo, 58 ans

Ascot Vale

I am a very traditional man with strong family values, I work hard to ensure my family is well provided for.

Rencontre Jacko911, homme de 33 ans

Jacko911, 33 ans

Seven Hills

Hello I am Jay from sydney Australia, I amnew user on this website.

Rencontre Muff181, homme de 79 ans

Muff181, 79 ans


I am a pensioner and that laid back i am nearly horizontal .my only dream is to wake up tomorrow and have a woman by my side for lifes journey .i am caring .. loving ...empathetic .. romantic person looking for someone similar . My main hobby is watching football or cricket on tv and touring in...

Rencontre HoneySingh@11, homme de 44 ans

HoneySingh@11, 44 ans

Point Cook

I am cool minded man 😎. I respect and care people around me. I love to listen and chat with my friends. My heart ❤️ is kind and I love to travel around the world 🌎 . I am animal lover as well. I love this beautiful nature.

Rencontre Leon61, homme de 62 ans

Leon61, 62 ans


Looking for a soulmate and lover I am looking for

Rencontre BjornOpal, homme de 38 ans

BjornOpal, 38 ans

Lightning Ridge

Life is a strange experience most strive for successful outcomes along the way fall into shadowed memories how the adventure of it all in its complexity can quickly be slown down by love and all its nurturing comfort' a man yes with boys heart soul of a warrior ...ive always been labled a o...

Rencontre Ranger7, homme de 51 ans

Ranger7, 51 ans

Brisbane City

I see myself kindhearted, thoughtful, and upbeat; incredibly strong and resilient, health and climate conscious. A survivor and thriver to life challenges. I like the emotional connection and intellectual stimulation. I am good at communicating, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good physique. ...

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CelibatairesDuWeb est 100% gratuit ! Non seulement l'inscription est gratuite, mais tout le site est gratuit à 100%. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant et faites des rencontres gratuites.