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Rencontre gratuite - hommes d' Afghanistan

CelibatairesDuWeb est un site de rencontre gratuit. Envoyer des messages et rencontrer des hommes célibataires d' Afghanistan. Faites de merveilleuses rencontres gratuites dans le pays d' Afghanistan avec des hommes, et ce sans jamais payer... tout est gratuit. est le leader dans les rencontres sérieuses francophones. N’attendez plus et venez vous inscrire dès maintenant pour contacter des hommes d' Afghanistan et recevoir des réponses à vos messages. Venez constater par vous-même la gratuité du site. Je veux m’inscrire.

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CelibatairesDuWeb est 100% gratuit ! Non seulement l'inscription est gratuite, mais tout le site est gratuit à 100%. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant et faites des rencontres gratuites.

Rencontre Lilivan23, homme de 22 ans

Lilivan23, 22 ans


I am 23 years old in the us military looking for a women I can spend my life with

Rencontre ABCD321*;=@_, homme de 42 ans

ABCD321*;=@_, 42 ans

Bad Zwischenahn

I like someone who I could able to chat and smile and have good relationship

Rencontre Awan97, homme de 34 ans

Awan97, 34 ans


I am a human minded folow the humanity cocept

Rencontre Saeedx, homme de 41 ans

Saeedx, 41 ans


I am Aryàn race and persian guy and liveing in Tehran the capital of IRAN or empire of Persia 🇮🇷 and my name is saeed and I am researcher of religions and writer but my major in university was genetic engineering

Rencontre Jasonwatkins, homme de 44 ans

Jasonwatkins, 44 ans


Am seeking for more than a friend that can lead to a serious relationship

Rencontre Muslih, homme de 25 ans

Muslih, 25 ans


صادق مهربان

Rencontre Saadsparrow, homme de 23 ans

Saadsparrow, 23 ans


Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself My hobbies are listening music and playing games. My strength is self-motivated, hard working and positive thinking. My weakness is overthinking, concentrate at one thing and I believe easily anyone. I am self-motivated, tea...

Rencontre 335544, homme de 24 ans

335544, 24 ans


من یک مرد مجرد هستم و دنبال یک زن مهربان برای دوستی هستم

Rencontre Daudkhan, homme de 25 ans

Daudkhan, 25 ans


I,m agoodboy

Rencontre Areza, homme de 56 ans

Areza, 56 ans


I am engineer of electronic control systems Producer of lighting From iran i am going for serious relationship

Rencontre Esi, homme de 31 ans

Esi, 31 ans


Rencontre Naweenpopal, homme de 31 ans

Naweenpopal, 31 ans


I am Naween looking for a real good muslim woman who is caring and loving, I would like to meet my lost half here .

Rencontre Atif202, homme de 23 ans

Atif202, 23 ans


Myself Atif from Afghanistan .. loving and friendly man ..

Rencontre Dani12345, homme de 29 ans

Dani12345, 29 ans


Just a human

Rencontre Jabi1, homme de 32 ans

Jabi1, 32 ans

Kandahâr, Kandahâr

Sincère sérieux ambitieux amicale

Rencontre Za10, homme de 25 ans

Za10, 25 ans


Sharing kindness & love could be easy, but staying kind and being a nice human is a real challenge.

Rencontre Matikhan, homme de 32 ans

Matikhan, 32 ans

Kandahar, Kandahâr

I am Simple lovely caring guy and want lovely serious real girl

Rencontre King@123, homme de 38 ans

King@123, 38 ans


I am Afghan national well educated and want to find a beautiful lady for dating

Rencontre Dalpatia, homme de 40 ans

Dalpatia, 40 ans

Musa Qala, Helmand

I belong to Pakistan, province Punjab and City Multan. I choose Afghanistan option because there is not Pakistan in countries list.

Rencontre Masoud12, homme de 24 ans

Masoud12, 24 ans

Herat, Hérât

I am a boy of 23 and i am looking for a love and honest person

Rencontre Mushi125, homme de 32 ans

Mushi125, 32 ans


I need someone in my life

Rencontre INNOVATIVEYE, homme de 21 ans



I want only sincere person who understand me spend time and give me time i need a honest partner

Rencontre Soleiman, homme de 55 ans

Soleiman, 55 ans


I am a loyal and confident man . My purpose is marriage. l love from deep of my heart my future wife. I am a general practitioner(family medicine). I want a wife who is loyal and confident. I want one baby. For now I have one. I pay for life so my future wife dose not need goal ...

Rencontre Saim888, homme de 45 ans

Saim888, 45 ans


Looking for divorced or widow women she should be religious Cristian or religious Jew.i am Muslim I have medicine buisness

Rencontre Javedahnadzai, homme de 26 ans

Javedahnadzai, 26 ans


Like everything a normal person can And wishing to have someone

Rencontre Ali786, homme de 28 ans

Ali786, 28 ans

Jalalabad, Nangarhâr

My name is Ali... Belong to afganstan Looking for a girl... Knowladge sakeer

Rencontre Cinahaoranancy, homme de 66 ans

Cinahaoranancy, 66 ans


I'm cinahaoranancy, a scholar‎،‎Higher Education‏،‎ Experienced‎،‎faithful and‏ ‏loyalty‎،‎patient, kind and understand others well.‏number.‏plus nineeightnine one two twofivetwo twotwo ziroseven. I like: nature, sports, mountaineering, planting, thinking, reading, watching TV, romance dialogue, ...

Rencontre 55556666, homme de 31 ans

55556666, 31 ans


Being a doctor i want to serve the humanity. I wish to marry a girl who looks beautiful, loyal , friendly and commited. I hate liers who want to make fake identity.

Rencontre Irfan2012, homme de 31 ans

Irfan2012, 31 ans


I am not different form other people, I just believe that No one knows me better than me i know myself. My character is I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, weather professional or personal. Here I am looking for a perfect life partner who can understand and admit my inner,

Rencontre MZ, homme de 34 ans

MZ, 34 ans

Khost, Khôst

Hi people, Describing my self that what kind of person i would be, i will prefer to leave this on my partner. We are here to be friends, to vanish hates, to help each other, to share happiness and sadness and to explore humanity. So that we together make this world our home of love.

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Le saviez-vous ?

CelibatairesDuWeb est 100% gratuit ! Non seulement l'inscription est gratuite, mais tout le site est gratuit à 100%. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant et faites des rencontres gratuites.