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  • Kiara
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  • Une femme de 34 ans
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  • 23 juin 2020
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I am 5''4 average build, blonde shoulder length hair, green eyes. I am looking for someone to do things with.I like fine dining or outside dining at an open air cafe.Walk through small towns, shop and stop for lunch. I love going to music events I am into my 70's and 80's . We had the best music.Some of my favorites . ACDC, Journey, The Doors,Kid Rock so many more.I love to travel and meet new people.Camping, boating , fishing but salt life only . I love going to the beach at night and watching the sun fall into the ocean. We all need to stop, and enjoy life. I'm looking for a well groomed man.I like going on a cruise. I'm a very affectionate woman I hug everyone and my guy must love to kiss and show Lots of affection, I am a very sensitive and passionate woman. A one man woman. I love boating and island hopping. I like playing poker and football I love craft beer

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  • Date de naissance
  • 10 avril 1986
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  • Non
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Photo de kiaramiller1984

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