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  • Deborah Adam
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  • Une femme de 29 ans
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  • 14 oct 2019
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I have great sense of humor and laugh at myself all the time. i would like to meet someone who is caring, sweet and loving.... I am a very caring, friendly person open for love and serious relationship. I am also an intelligent lady with a good sense of humor. I am a joyful and have pretty emotional personality along with feelings of compassion and empathy. I’m very self motivated. I’m fiercely loyal to friends and, family. I’m easygoing, versatile and, love to let others just be themselves. I definitely believe that it is very important to find joy each day, as life is so fragile and, short. I have a big broad of interests from country music to art, theater, visiting museums, walking, dining out, traveling, festivals, concerts, movie and going to the beach. However I’m always open to other people’s interests. Whenever I happen to get on vacation " I love to Travel to exotic new places around the world, to explore the old and, new cultures. I also patiently seek for a genuine relationship with an amazing and, understanding man. someone who will get into me and, will let me be into him completely. I value true friendship above material things, practice it diligently and honestly, after all, it is the purest form of love and, the basis of all good relationships

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Top 5 qualités

  • Artiste
  • Digne de confiance
  • Fiable
  • Honnête
  • Responsable
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