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« Life is a Grand Adventure! »

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I'm a secure and happy man, with a positive attitude, and a sense of humor.

I treat others as I expect to be treated. That includes showing courtesy to strangers, respect to those who have earned it.

My word is my bond; I am careful about how and when I give it, and always strive hard to keep it. If I make you a promise, you can depend on it.

I do not attend church, but I have traditional western values, and believe Christianity and Western culture are responsible for most of the positive advancements of the civilized world.

I think there's a sense of entitlement at the root of most of today's problems; I see gratitude and entitlement as opposites, with too much of the latter, and not enough of the former. I believe we are each responsible for our own lives, and have the unconditional right to defend them; In a civilized society we are entitled to the protection of our lives and private property under the law, only as long as we do not infringe on the rights of others; and that's it. The world does not owe any of us-- anything!

I am grateful for the life I've been given; my family, friends, and all my experiences, the good ones and the bad; especially the bad, without which I would not have so much appreciation for the good.

The woman lucky enough to find me will recognize her own value, AND MINE. She will be wise enough to give of herself, in at least equal measure to her expectations. She will choose me because she understands when we choose each other, our combined efforts will be magnified.

Your attitude is more important to me than your appearance. Your integrity is more important than your financial means.

I believe in my heart good things will come to me, in abundance, as they always have. I know people who believe the opposite, that bad things will come to them. They are right too. To a large extent we make our own reality by manifesting it from our own expectations.

Of course we have to set the stage, and be ready when opportunities arise. I'm writing this long profile with faith the right woman will read it, and know the truth of it.

As you have probably already decided, my world view is not politically correct, and that includes my sense of humor. If you believe socialism and slavery are not the same thing; the mainstream media usually tells you the truth; or if you are among the perpetually offended, then we will not be a good match.

If you made it this far, you know me pretty well already-- please go ahead and message me. I won't think you're too forward for making the first move.

One more note: After much study and discernment, I have decided the Covid-19 pandemic is a hoax, intended to further the aims of global authoritarians. If you believe otherwise, I don't blame you; the quality and volume of propaganda to the contrary is staggering, and no one could be blamed for falling for it. In any case you're entitled to believe as you believe. However, be advised I do not wear a mask, and am unconcerned with social distancing. I still shake hands and give hugs.

Premier rendez-vous

When people who have met on a dating site meet face to face for the first time, it's kind of a "trial run". They don't know what to expect, so it can't really be called a date. I recommend coffee, or lunch, in a public but quiet place. That way both feel safe, and can get to know the other. The goal is to determine, will there BE a first date?

For an actual first date, I like a mix of three activities:
* Begin with something fun. It could be a movie, dancing, browsing at a flea market or antique store, a museum, or a stageplay. Anything currently happening in the area.
* Dinner
* Quiet time - An opportunity to talk and get to know the other better.

You know you've had the ideal date when the following day you can't think of anything else, other than the one you've been with.

Un peu plus sur moi

  • Possède une webcam
  • Oui

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Entrevue face à face

  • Ce dont vous êtes le plus fier?
  • My grown children.
  • Avez-vous une manie? Si oui laquelle?
  • I read, almost obsessively.
  • Vous êtes plutôt jour ou nuit?
  • Night owl.
  • Si vous pouviez rencontrer une personne de votre choix, morte ou vivante, qui serait-elle ?
  • I'd like to have met Ayn Rand.
  • Selon vous quel est le sentiment le plus beau?
  • Genuine accomplishment.
  • Le plus beau cadeau que l'on pourrait vous faire?
  • More time. If only.
  • La qualité que vous appréciez le plus?
  • Grateful appreciation.
  • Livres favoris?
  • Atlas Shrugged, The Lord of the Rings series, The Dark Tower series; too many to name
  • La chose la plus importante pour vous dans la vie?
  • For most of my life I'd say learning-- I'm curious about everything. Lately, family has become most important.
  • La première loi que vous feriez adopter si vous étiez nommé président de votre pays
  • The president of the U.S.A. can't write laws, he can only sign the ones the legislature puts in front of him.

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