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  • Un homme de 67 ans
  • Charlottesville, Virginie
  • Divorcé
  • avidreader

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  • Douglas
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  • Un homme de 67 ans
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« maybe, maybe not... »

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You can save us both a lot of time if you would just get certified from this site. It's not difficult and takes all of 2 minutes. I refuse to participate without it. Sorry, but recently I was messaging with "Donna" and this site determined "Donna" wasn't who she said she was. Thanks to their diligence they saved me a lot of time and probably some money. Be careful who you talk to. Now if still want to know about me, here is my story. I am a Guillain-Barre survivor ten years out and subsequently still have some residual health problems related to that. I'm not ready to die by any stretch of the imagination but I am not a young man any longer and I am good with that. I am easy to get along with and neither drink or smoke. I love to read and tinker with computers not cars. I love my electric bike though. Politically, I am a moderate conservative. I have had FBI background checks done every two years for my last job which I had for twenty-five years. I am recently retired. I have three elementary age grandchildren and see them often. We usually have fun. LOL, I am frugal but won't make Lincoln yell. I would like to travel but have no one to go with me. My life, hopefully like most peoples, has been good with the usual bumps and bruises and fortunately no serious tragedies. I have no mental, emotional or addiction issues and along with a few close friends am the sanest person I know. If you have any of those issues I wish you well but I can't save you and nor will I try. I am highly reluctant to make another attempt. I do just fine alone as long as I have Facebook to vent. LOL The only meds I am on is for slight high blood pressure and I wear dentures. Besides fatigue from my bout with Guillain-Barre, I am in pretty good shape. I didn't mean to be to bare my soul here but wanted to get my story out front rather than waste anyone's time. I wish all who read this best wishes and good fortune.

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A college football game.

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  • Profession
  • Bail bondsman
  • Possède une webcam
  • Non
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Entrevue face à face

  • Ce que vous ne supportez pas en amour
  • Drama
  • Ce dont vous êtes le plus fier?
  • Never making my family ashamed of me. Disappointed maybe several times but never ashame.
  • Avez-vous une manie? Si oui laquelle?
  • No obsessions but several passions, genealogy, reading, current events, history.
  • Vous êtes plutôt jour ou nuit?
  • evening and night.
  • Les choses que vous emporterez sur une île déserte?
  • Lot's of food and Diet Coke.
  • Le mot ou la phrase que vous dites le plus souvent?
  • Maybe, maybe not.
  • Aimeriez-vous être célèbre et pourquoi?
  • No
  • Si vous pouviez rencontrer une personne de votre choix, morte ou vivante, qui serait-elle ?
  • George Washington.
  • Métier que vous aimeriez faire ou que vous aurez aimé faire?
  • Retired suits me well.
  • Ce dont vous ne vous séparez jamais?
  • Cell phone and Diet Coke.
  • Selon vous quel est le sentiment le plus beau?
  • mmm....
  • Lieu préféré pour passer les vacances?
  • with my family
  • Le plus beau cadeau que l'on pourrait vous faire?
  • best wishes
  • Dans quel magasin viderez-vous votre carte de crédit?
  • Book store
  • Aimeriez-vous vous marier?
  • Possibly.
  • Film préféré parmi tous ceux que vous avez vus?
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones.
  • La qualité que vous appréciez le plus?
  • kindness
  • Livres favoris?
  • An Irish Country Doctor. The Faithful Spy. Jaws. The Godfather. The Rainmaker. The Seahawk. The Gallows Thief. Casca,The Eternal Mercenary. A Short History of Nearly Everything. Plausible Denial.
  • La chose la plus importante pour vous dans la vie?
  • My grandchildren.
  • La première loi que vous feriez adopter si vous étiez nommé président de votre pays
  • Abolish all political lobbyists. Pretty much all governmental corruption begins with them offering politicians the proverbial apple.
  • En quoi aimeriez-vous être réincarné et pourquoi?
  • Are you nuts? I want to stay in heaven.
  • Ce que vous regardez en premier chez un homme ou une femme, selon votre préférence?
  • Do they look happy or do they look mad...
  • Mon plus grand rêve?
  • Going to heaven to reunite with my beloved family that are waiting there for me.
  • Mets favoris
  • Brunswick Stew.
  • Que recherchez-vous chez l'autre?
  • Kindness.

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