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Photo de TurnBack283
Photo de TurnBack283
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Yes" I do know rule #1. "If your happy then .. we'll be happy" I always give thanks to my mom..I always give thanks to her for providing with opportunities that have allowed me to succeed in life.I believe women are like diamonds and they need to be cherished.. It is "rare to find" good qualities in a man, as it is "rare to find", such qualities as in a women. I am kind sincere, loyal , honest, romantic, compassionate and very loving. I am looking for my "best friend and lover". I am a very affectionate and want that special feeling of my heart sinking just by her touch. Excited when you come though the door because I adore you and so Happy and Proud that you are mine.I am ready to share my life with a woman that doesn't want to lose our passion for life or each other as we share our destiny with history of laughter, love respect and pure pure bliss. It is when unified as one, the deepest love continues to develops for our lives. We will share intimate conversations, we feel comfortable in confiding our fears, anxieties, things that that upsets us or makes us happy. Quiet times when you can look into my eyes and read my soul, knowing all there is to know without a simple word.

Premier rendez-vous

The first date for me would be a quiet intimate dinner somewhere romantic where we spend the evening getting to know each other by conversation that just seem to endlessly flow and before too long we realize that hours have passed yet it only seemed like minutes. We would never want the night to end.. The night would possibly end with a romantic kiss and we would both go home and think of each other till we fell asleep.

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  • 29 avril 1960
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  • Oui

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