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  • Micheal
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  • Un homme de 54 ans
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  • 10 oct 2020
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I’m not perfect but I’m real and genuine and i am ultimately looking for a good woman that is non judgemental and very simple like me...I like to pamper my lady with lots of attention and affectionate love like painting her toenails while she tells me about her day. I am just very loving kind of guy who's need is someone to love.I’m looking for a good woman to share good times and vibe together. .As long as I find a good woman not so anxious to judge my past without seeing the true character it has produced. I know a wise woman will see the soul rather than outward appearance or possessions..I’m very family oriented and a tree hugging animal lover...full of love and compassion for life. I love to be very romantic with my lady and ready to learn all i can about her... I just want to be sure that my next relationship will be my last one as im not getting any younger and dont like games

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  • Date de naissance
  • 27 novembre 1965
  • Possède une webcam
  • Oui
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