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  • Un homme de 50 ans
  • Prudenville, Michigan
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  • Draegoneer

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  • David
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  • Un homme de 50 ans
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« It's not an adventure until something goes wrong.... »

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Quiet, reserved, yet still active. I don't have any type of social media, pc cam, or mic. NOT even "facebook". I still use a flip phone and don't spend much time on that either. I used to attend church regularly. I still go on occasion. It just may not be the same denomination every time. I'm still not an angel or innocent in any form. I'm also not a stranger to these types of site. I just haven't actually dated from any of them so far.

You can't really tell about the person and life in a book or summation. I don't need to hide behind technology and it's many devices. I have my flaws, make mistakes, and slip ups, the same as you or any one else.

I'm not going to conform to a "mold" nor have one to be filled. If things develop towards something real, time and communication will create news ones. Distance and time, are factors that have to be taken into consideration.

I prefer jeans and t-shirt. I'm pretty straight forward in conversation based on topic and required information. I work 7 days a week. Occasionally, I work 12 hour days. I have two daughters. One is 33 with her own house hold and the other is sixteen going on 22. I have grand children( only about 2 so far). I believe in the family unit starting with the house hold first.

I like a variety of activities but please don't expect me to lose I.Q. points sitting in front of a television yelling at sporting events and such. I rarely watch much television. Going to an event live isn't even worth my time and resources these days.

I like a variety of music. However, I stopped doing the "Cotton Eyed Joe", "2-step", and other such dances, a long time ago. In fact, I'm more than fairly certain, I can't dance well at all. That doesn't mean I don't dance; it just means there are no videos or pictures to incriminate me on the subject(that I'm aware of). Country music is not a favorite.

Premier rendez-vous

I can't say. I'm pretty simple and try to keep my life the same. I see more 20 and 30 somethings than my preferred age group here. We'll have to discuss this part if any thing ever progresses this far. Time and distance really are factors. Borrowed time can seem wonderful. The long term or short meeting in reality, may not be the same for one or both.

Un peu plus sur moi

  • Possède une webcam
  • Non

Activités et loisirs

Top 5 qualités

  • Bonne résistance au stress
  • Calme
  • Compétent
  • Patient
  • Persévérant
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Photo de Draegoneer

Entrevue face à face

  • Vous êtes plutôt jour ou nuit?
  • I work 3rd shift, 7 days a week at the moment. That makes me mostly a night person. I do try to keep a regular schedule on rare time off.
  • Les choses que vous emporterez sur une île déserte?
  • 1 good knife, water canteen, e-tool, some flint, and maybe a low bearing equipment utility belt. You're either there on purpose or by accident. The latter is the only one that allows you to choose.
  • Aimeriez-vous être célèbre et pourquoi?
  • No. I like my life private. You never know when the next character assassination campaign will start, let alone on who and about what.
  • Ce dont vous ne vous séparez jamais?
  • My wallet and keys. Most other things are already set to go at a second's notice.
  • Dans quel magasin viderez-vous votre carte de crédit?
  • None. One can only do or own so much before it's worthless and wasteful. Affordability is a factor as well. Are the items worth the cost? Will you actually use them? Do you need them?
  • Aimeriez-vous vous marier?
  • I can't decide on this one. Divorced twice already.
  • Film préféré parmi tous ceux que vous avez vus?
  • The Last Boy Scout.
  • La première loi que vous feriez adopter si vous étiez nommé président de votre pays
  • A law has to be presented first, in order to sign one into being. Term limits for congressional members would top my list of what I'd like to see presented.
  • Vous avez une soirée déguisée, quel déguisement porteriez-vous?
  • I most likely wouldn't attend one since most seem to be around holloween.
  • Ce que vous regardez en premier chez un homme ou une femme, selon votre préférence?
  • The woman. Her features would start to follow quickly after. Women are beautiful but I only want and need one that's more right for both of us.
  • Mon plus grand rêve?
  • Not sure there is a biggest since most people's minds race 100's of directions at once. "Dreams" may tend to vary every day based on mood and environment.
  • Mets favoris
  • Breakfast
  • Que recherchez-vous chez l'autre?
  • Be yourself. Either way it's time, communication, and work. Maybe we're a match or maybe not so much. Maybe we decide to be a match. Maybe we never take the time and chance to know or do any thing.

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